GSCG’s inaugural commodity is its Hemp spot market which was launched in Q1 2021.

For the first time vetted farmers, producers, processors and other constituents in the global Hemp market will be able to observe true price discovery in action on GSCG’s market trading platform.

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Currently our standardized contracts offered on our platform total eighty six and are still growing. Products included are:

Extracts (Oils & Isolate)
Fiber (Bast & Hurd)

In addition, GSCG will offer an industry first seed-to-delivery growth and supply tracking capability built on GSCG’s blockchain.

hemp trading platform

All parties on the trading platform are able to observe the provenance and quality of a hemp crop from when it is planted, all the way through the growth cycle to harvest. Visibility continues throughout processing, packing, shipping and warehousing (as required), through to final delivery. Buyers and sellers now gain transparency in every aspect of a trade that has never been seen before.

approved hemp labs

GSCG requires and specifies that each batch of product is tested by an approved third party lab for quality and adherence to the contract specifications laid out.

Our initial launch focused on the US, and will soon be rolled out globally.

Join us on this unique and exciting opportunity to be part of the evolution in the Hemp industry.

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